Meeting a need as simple as shoes can reverse the adverse affects that deficiency can have upon the mentality of a child.

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View our kickstarter about an encounter with a young boy named Chris that not only inspired  this cause but moved on hearts for re-imagining how we can help Chris +100.

Goal: $10K in 10 Days Aug 21-31

Cause: Supplying 100 pair of shoes to children headed back to school, who have been affected by a recent tornado that struck East Greensboro in April 2018.

Ask: We can strategically reach our Goal! 5 people giving $2000, 10 people giving $1000, or 100 people giving $100.  All donations are tax-deductible. Please join the efforts!


Give to kicks4ourkidz

For inquiries or to speak with a live person to assist you in giving, please us at:

(336)898.9946 | . 


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